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Booking Conditions

  • Medical Doctor, Physiotherapist and Chiropractor will be on duty at the Expo from 08h00-17h00 daily during the pre-race week (Monday 27th August to Saturday 1st September 2018). Find us downstairs from the Expo in a designated area.
  • Prior to race week we will be on call to assist athletes but the athlete will need to travel to see us (see contact details above).
  • Sessions are 30 minutes long and cost R500 per session. For longer sessions please book and pay for a double session.
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your booked appointment as you will need to fill in a medical consent form and make payment prior to being treated.
  • There is no payment portal on the online booking system but pre-payments can be made if you so wish. The medical consent form can also be completed and signed ahead of time. Please send proof of payment and/or your medical consent form to the relevant practitioner (email addresses below) if you wish to be pre prepared. Please reference your payment with “IM” followed by your initials and surname.
  • If you have not pre-paid for your session and pre-filled in your consent form you may forfeit your booking if you do not arrive ten minutes before your slot. If you have pre-paid you will not forfeit your booking, even if you arrive late as we will keep your slot open for you.
  • Booking, billing and treatment queries should be directed to the appropriate practitioner (including requesting the consent form).
  • Payment methods include: cash, debit or credit card, Snapscan (the app needs to be downloaded on your phone prior to using Snapscan).